casual to causal

I am a bit stunned. I received this video as a post in my Facebook feed. It popped up as one of their promoted style videos for something that I may like.

Immediately, I took offense.

And then I started to wonder…

What have I clicked on, hovered over, or accidentally ‘liked’ that would make the bots algorithmically connect me with a weapon DIY video?

The more I reflected the more agitated I became.

I posted a complaint to Facebook and they responded.

When I received their response I nearly lost my mind. In that moment I posted their response and shared it to my friends. Every one of the responses to my post contained shock and awe…and then I cooled off a bit.

And thought about it a bit more.

I found out later that the video was housed on YouTube… but that just kinda made it seem like Facebook was aiding and abetting YouTube or vice versa.

The part that really shook me was the kind offer to help me not see things like this in the future. And I started to realize that their offer had a techno-insidiousness to it.

I imagined the many times, already, that I did not see a thing like that, I gnawed on the thought that maybe I have sent or shared a link with dark sub-links to content I could not see. I was deeply bugged that on top of the fact that a DIY concealable weapon video landed on my timeline, and it did not go against the Community Standards of Facebook, that I had become so automatic in my trust of social media.

There is no tidy wrap up for this post.

Check your clicks.