why chase squirrels?

One time my dog grabbed a squirrel, right off of the side of a tree. The squirrel spiraled one way, my dog counter spun, timed it right, and yanked it to the ground.

Darcy, my dog, yipped excitedly and repeatedly nose-bumped the poor little thing while holding it down with a paw. The squirrel chirped and squeaked, no doubt bewildered by its new reality.

I could tell that this was somewhat of a surprise to both animals.

Me? I was mindblown. And the more I thought about it, I kinda wished I could do a thing like that too. My dog pawed the little furball for a bit then let it go. Or it got away, hard to tell. In short order, it seemed to fly up the nearest tree, well beyond the view of my slavering dog.

Chasing Squirrels Podcast explores the complex connections and challenges of managing our daily life in the face of constant change. And, if you work in education, you know exactly what I am talking about

Change can be sudden and surprising or planned and forecasted- either way, we learning something. Change can create ambiguity and land on both good and bad opportunities. It can also make you wonder how you will ever make it back to that feeling of normalcy.

But people do it.

People embrace change and create new ‘normals’ for themselves regardless of whether a goal was mapped out or entirely accidental.

These are stories of challenge and change in everyday lives.

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