I love when simple ideas, that actually do start simply, evolve into something complex. That’s my expectation in all cases. As a new concept or idea is released into the wild, any number of predatory behaviours can shorten its lifespan. Sometimes the thrill of designing a new project comes solely from watching the complications pop-up that seems to just squish out from every crack in the process. For me, negativity is ignorable; opposition, though, is delicious.

And I can’t tell you how times an excellent idea gets bogged down in pointless attempts to define and redefine the original concept or the wet blanket of outcome based thinking extinguishes the creative spark all together. Academic thinking can do that, it turns motivation into a headwind, and breaks momentum’s spine with overthinking.

Opposing something really cool and intentionally souring the creative process is cruel. And in many cases can shut down a project in its infancy. But for me, I want to see the negative, I want to look into its eyes and wait it out. That tension feeds back to me so much information that I feel like my process would be thinned without it. It is easy to be so hostile and infertile that future ideas are stopped before ever starting. It takes stellar energy and steely dedication to holding on to old outdated mindsets in the face of change, and those that hold these characteristics, I want them on my team.

I never really expect projects to expand smoothly from their inception. And to be honest, I love it when projects get ‘into the weeds’. I remember back in the day when I ran restaurants being ‘in the weeds’ was akin to crashing and burning. But even in those crazy moments of lineups at the door, food flying in and out of the kitchen, customers coming up to the servery for a meet and greet, and my boss asking for a special dinner for some VIP – the energy that exploded out of controlled anarchy was intoxicating. This beta testing is the only opportunity to get real time, real world, real feels for a new idea.

At the heart of all learning isn’t that what we really should expect? A hard won point makes for memories and resilience in the next match. Getting buy-in for a passion project should not be a simple matter. I know from experience that even finding a passion for fixing my energy on is not a simple pursuit. So getting new projects off the ground inevitably has to be like building an airplane in the air. I will risk and so I hope others will too. I will work hard and so I hope others will too. I will exist in the ambiguity of change and I hope others will too.

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