the gift of failure

Falling down is a right, picking yourself up is a gift.

There is a boatload of reasons why you could stay down when your day delivers a surprise left hook. Students can disrespect you, parents hound you, and lessons beguile you. Why rise? But consider this. Every teacher that seems to have their desk in order, lessons planned, and photocopies done – has a back story. Every one of them trained at a faculty of education and stressed about getting a job, interviewed maybe more than once and has made countless errors.

The key word is ‘countless’. Don’t count them. Count on them. Learn from them.

Now I know that sounds like the easy advice of a teacher that has their ducks in a row, but I don’t. And I am not sure that I ever will. My key to learning from my mistakes is to make them as unabashedly and openly as possible. And then share the experience. Building a community of honest-failers will be one of the most liberating moves you nurture in your first few years on the job.

I assure you there is plenty of time to get ‘it’ right. And you will on some days, in some things.

Right now, could you..?

  • Accept that your learning path should be filled with failures. These experiences will serve your growth mindset well.
  • Practice sharing these experiences with a trusted PLN. This will create a safety net of mentorship.
  • Follow your curiosity to connect to other people’s mistakes, support their failures. This will lead to innovation.
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