pretty remarkable
how uneven my body is
I wouldn’t have even considered
the difference between left side
and right side
had I not started to take this class.
laying on the floor,
feeling different points
on each side of my back
my legs
my shoulders
the random
contact with the floor
it’s strange.
this awareness
looking up at
that inbalanced feeling
knowing that
it is
a mirage really
of standing
and aligned
on 2 feet.
but there it is I’m not flat
my sides are not mirrored
and I imagine
that is something
I need
to work on.

Posted by:chrisjcluff

I am a 'flow' seeker. In my day to day work I help students, colleagues, and community members make the most of the moments afforded us through public education. If I am not asking questions, I am not learning.

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