my lines today.
opposing swirls of
arms flailing –
a tree in typhoon winds.
staring at my poses in the mirror
made me realize
I’m not in balance
while standing either.
just like last class
when lying
on a flat floor
was more state of mind,
just not mine.
opposing parts of my back
the random contact
with that flat surface.
staring at myself
in the mirror,
new thoughts emerge.
what does keep me from falling over?
when I tried
to straighten
I start to tip.
one direction or the other
no matter
for the muscle starting to twitch.
it shakes a thought free
instinct draws my attention
I catch myself
walking between counter weights
taking shortcuts
a true line

By chrisjcluff

I am a 'flow' seeker. In my day to day work I help students, colleagues, and community members make the most of the moments afforded us through public education. If I am not asking questions, I am not learning.

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