collision deck

My colleague and I wanted to wrap together a summary of our professional learning from this school year.

We landed on a wordcloud concept.

The keywords or buzzwords were written on decks of playing cards in sharpie. The decks were 1$ each from a local dollar store.

Some thoughts ….

  • There are a tonne of buzzwords in EDU.
  • Some of them we couldn’t clearly define.
  • We made it to 162 words (3 decks) in less than 30 minutes.
  • Both of us reviewed our journals, social media feeds, and anecdotal notes to get authentic representation from 2016-2017.
  • The volume of terms was overwhelming.


  • Ice breaker in PD sessions
  • Flashcard keyword review
  • Schema disruption / concept building – what happens when three random cards are forced to create meaning
  • Card values could be blended into provocations ie find another 9 or Q

Let me know where you go with this.

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