sleep test

9:00 PM

health card
height and weight measured

5 forms completed

astringent scrub on skin
dibs and dabs of conductive adhesive
125 ft of wire
25 connectors
2 chest straps

man-machine made

‘do you need the bathroom?’

laboratory-like hotel room
video camera watches me sleep
voice on speaker asks if I am comfortable
test the connections

‘open your eyes’ ‘close your eyes’
‘look up and down’
‘look right and left’
‘push your left up and down, like on a pedal’
‘do the same with your right foot’
‘inhale’ ‘exhale’
‘inhale and hold your breath’
‘sleep well’

‘good night’

I have sleep apnoea

this is only a test

Posted by:chrisjcluff

I am a 'flow' seeker. In my day to day work I help students, colleagues, and community members make the most of the moments afforded us through public education. If I am not asking questions, I am not learning.

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