s2e16 DeCodEd Podcast

Damn. I am easily distracted.

On the front end of the podcast I mentioned how I transition well. Then my story mind distracted me with RCMP connections. What I started to throw down was that the reason I transition well from vacay to work or from Sunday into Monday or from summer back into the school year or vice versa on all these shifts, is that I do not look forward to down time.

To shape that out a bit. I resist the trap of idealizing my time away from work time. This could also be unfilled, uncategorized, or unscheduled time. Honestly, I have a real lazy streak that only is countered by due dates and deadlines, so to have unstructured hours in my day is dangerous.

Just before I left for the Christmas break a colleague and I were talking about how we both tend to schedule free time, but categorize it further with a clear goal. For example, free time/read 4 chapters of novel, or free time/play Mariokart with the kids. I get it. This can seem kinda cold. But if I am not specific in my intention and direction then it is likely that much of my free time would = nap time or eating time.

So back to the transition thing.

At the onset of the week, I pretty much know where and when I will be at any point of the week. In some cases I could map this out for an entire month. And I love it. This is a new mindset. And it gives me something more valuable than unattended free time, it gives me a free mind – uncluttered and engaged, tuned and tasked, minded and mindful.