The End of Year thoughts are creeping in.

With course calendars laid out, assessment timelines measured, reality checked – it’s pretty easy to get caught in the loop of ‘how will this all get done?’

But it does.

And it did in the past because my students kept at it, I kept at it, and we all managed to keep keeping at it until clock ran out. And despite all this sticktoitness, the shift in energy from opportunity to oncoming deadline really plays with your head.

The drive to make it to the end of the year affects everyone slightly differently and I’ve yet to meet a person that is completely unfazed by the palpable shift that occurs in mid-May. It’s like the declaration from an EDU almanac ‘sunny skies with a chance of distraction’ becomes the tarpit to leap. And the pathetic fallacy to avoid.

What triggers this mindset shift? Why does it take hold? Better yet, why is it so difficult to think away from it?

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