standing in knee deep snow

my footing
feels wrong.

the slight slope
keeps pitching
me forward
giving space
on my neck
for a breeze
to run
up my back
and down my chest.

small stumbles
in this weather
are making me
second think
my choice
to unzip a bit.

the deeper
I press into
the drift,
there’s really no
way of avoiding
the tumbling
in from above.

then its
the melting
reminding me
my soles
and seams
were not built
for this weather.

and the slow
returning of feeling
to my toes
is kinda like
teeth being pushed
back in
after being pulled.

what did I expect?

the shuffle forward
marked by unremarkable
parallel s-turns
leaves me
hip deep
and wishing I’d
backtracked sooner.

the cold creep
up my legs
that no matter
how uncomfortable
the thought that
the way forward,

the thawing
is going to be
a major pain.