casting important words into the ground
like tent pegs unaware if soil is sound
and high winds surrounding you
makes for an anxious bit of stability,
set in a science that forgets
elements do elemental things
without much prodding.
solitude is the song to sing right now.
and don’t be fooled somehow
that everyone has stage to perform from.
so the secret to living secretly,
yet imitating regular life intentionally,
is maintain social distance from your vices
same goes for devices.
not your self, not your soul.
or any else that makes you whole.
neither are infectious or harmful
if they are already a part of you.
so pick the fight with that someone new
in the mirror each day and earnestly say
‘you can not argue this’
we have committed much darker acts of dis- connection and respect
than this timeline, we are posted to, suggests.
we will walk across the crowded bridge
to a new normal with a familiar tinge
don’t toss blame
at the family six feet away
or the young man that smiled,
that tried, said ‘hi’.
this will be the test
we don’t assess.