4 thoughts on “rifle (13/100)

  1. Really enjoyed the poetry but I’m not the greatest fan of the format used to display your talent. I’m sure it’s necessary for some platforms (perhaps Instagram etc?) but given the attention span of many readers, I think you gain more by typing out your poetry, making it easier to read, and keeping this for where it’s needed; Best of luck !


      1. Hi Chris, like a lot of people I read most posts on my phone (whilst walking around in ever decreasing circles!) , and poems which are put onto pictures, (admittedly often with a very attractive background) are then reduced to the size of a postage stamp, which for an old codger like me, is a bit of a struggle! Text if written on the page will display much larger, thanks & take care , Paul


      2. You are en pointe. I am in a phase right now of blending pix and poems. I will give more thought to the when and why of it for future pieces.

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