Dauntless and selfless, you stand watch. The last to sleep, first to wake. Always on guard. You move among us in sometimes secret ways at dark hours around sharp edged dangers that squeak, and beep, And really really hurt heels. Measured footsteps falling Too close to that special thing that should have been put in a special space. And why don’t they ever put their s#!+ away! Why would they? The precious want to be found. Besides, finding the lost Broken ,tumbled, tossed and In need of mending, Is part of your grand purpose. Who else could See these things? Super powered Supervision Goes beyond x rays. It stretches and flows Through memory Into sacred moments. Travels in time, Make past a present -A gift given often That then flees again. Behind the couch Under the bed Into the backpack. Thank goodness! Because you want to be, Because you have to be, And just because, You are everywhere. No secret, your identity is known, all of it. Not masked nor caped And To those in your care Hero status means little. As long as their dreamy innocence Is protected by The most powerful Person in their universe. How unremarkably amazing It would be To have your own hero Reading stories before bed Doing pickup after school And making KD for dinner. Some superheroes Clock in and out Chasing the minimum Waging battle between Me time and ‘thee’ time -Not you. False calls happen You fly in, Them dreaming. Or mumbling, Or wrestling With dark thoughts And crying out. Still best to check up, Tuck in and Peck lightly. Other times, You, called to action Lifting fever like broken bridges From your lips to their Forehead The cooling whisper. An illness broken. A day saved. Some superheros Track win loss Like stock markets. But winlosswinlossswin in Its metronomic meter Throws shade on shine And sure to unsure. Lost footage of meltdowns Pieces of glass and iron Falling, tumbling My god it was only a toy… Sure that action looks great On film, but, the truth About superheros Is that there’s No marvel in the work No justice in their league It just is what it is. When true heros do get Caught on film- No poses, no pretense, No pauses, few witnesses. Hugs and kisses Pay the debt in full. Public works of Private love is never work. And in private Your labour never ended. Nor could it. This little big planet Is under your Protection Mom teacher Actor mentor Guardian angel. Future battles not Worth stating, not Withstanding the beauty Of now. Your fond, small followers Smiling and safe. They are your origin story, Standing together Moving in opposite Making futures of your past, Passed presence Now sends them safely, Securely, Forward.