That look in your eyes, I know it. Where did you go? I took the Bloor West streetcar to meet you in High Park. We stood under a constellation of pinks and whites. It seemed like the cherry trees bloomed just for us. Can we stay a bit longer? you asked. We should go it's… Continue reading blooms

glow (15/100)

It’s not the best thing I’ve ever done but I’m damn sure better because of it. Sowing those secret seeds that lead to hidden roots that upshot through sleepy soil is my secret sauce. Explosions of the whole holy shitness of how did that happenness or when did he have time for thatness sound like… Continue reading glow (15/100)


Dauntless and selfless, you stand watch. The last to sleep, first to wake. Always on guard. You move among us in sometimes secret ways at dark hours around sharp edged dangers that squeak, and beep, And really really hurt heels. Measured footsteps falling Too close to that special thing that should have been put in… Continue reading Hero