@LeanneHansen follows you

i started stoppinglooking for reasons to drop in.sharing poemsand prose throughscattered flowsfelt right even though dms sent between ussometimes got lost on digital margins.me, always behind,you, 14 hours ahead,meant sendingmessages by time travel.yet sense was madeand traded in ourbabbled spaces.and honestly,it was so easyto get so used tothinking that you wouldalways be voicedin my futurepieces.waiting … Continue reading @LeanneHansen follows you

table 2

the coffee's okay i say trying to fill the flat white moment with will full meaning. two creams, one sugar clouds up the mugs surface; my brain in a cup. you staring at me's not helping either. the coffee, as it roils, makes my gut turn too. unsettled settles in. should've left it black. the … Continue reading table 2


my poetry holds all of my chaos. when i look for the net to catch fire, and ice, and shrapnel, and bile - i am held whole by poetry. when betrayals are streamed solely on synaptic feeds i grasp not for the words, but the space around them. so i sit held by poetry. accepting … Continue reading lyric