next gen 3/3 [collision 3]

I have not engaged with big picture EDU in a responsive and responsible manner. And to get global in my pedagogy, I will ned a mentor. I became aware of the U.N.’s Global Goals back in September. I thought connecting a newly formed TED-Ed Club with these elements would be awesome.  Somewhere between merging constant connection with global connectedness, I let the goals fall to … Continue reading next gen 3/3 [collision 3]

next gen 3/3 [collision 2]

My learning spaces need [re]consideration. In a previous life I would have sat through a two hour PD session, then probably bemoaned my aching back afterward. I also probably would have, in some way, evaluated the quality of the PD by how my head and body felt afterward. Then I would have been judgy, that somehow the overall quality of PD needs to be changed, … Continue reading next gen 3/3 [collision 2]