codegreen 8/30

I dare you. Actively allow your thinking to to transform today … because your comfort zone will not help you with this one. Listen to this podcast from NPR A Year Of Love And Struggle In A New High School . My POV on education was shaken from the get go. Shaken, abraded, and agitated. In the three part story- hope, curiosity, frustration, anger, sadness, and elation … Continue reading codegreen 8/30

getting access – an EdCan Network talk

On Wednesday October 4th, I shared the story of the program I co-facilitate with @pamsheena, the kids that I support, and the context of challenge that wraps around the work. In the room were members of the EdCan Network, comprised of EDU upper leadership from across Canada – directors, superintendents, and corporate heads listened as I unfolded my lived experience from the classroom. Here’s the … Continue reading getting access – an EdCan Network talk