I skimmed through my Twitter feed this morning catching up on the big news of the day…Where in the world is  @alicekeeler presenting? What is @gcouros posting about leadership? Has @willrich45 toppled another edu-dogmatic truth? I accidentally clicked on my Likes tab and found an old tweet from Joe Bower. Joe entered my teaching world several years ago, through a reference at a conference, and changed my teaching philosophy 180º. He sparked a deep … Continue reading broken

future proof [for QUEST 2016]

This has to stop. These moments of time travel – I get headaches. While standing in class, mid-lesson, mid thought- I blink it’s 1985, I blink again and it is 2016. Where am I? The lights, the corkboard, the rows of desks. A chalky sense of nostalgia chased by the grim reality of, well, nostalgia, all soaked with the sour smell of ‘been there, done … Continue reading future proof [for QUEST 2016]