‘Who is your target audience?’ I have been asked this several times in reference to my reflective postings. Mostly it is related to my podcast Chasing Squirrels. And the question lands on many different spaces for me. Admittedly, the term ‘audience’ rattles me a bit. Contemplative, I  push back with rhetoric. I can’t help it. What is an audience? I rather think of us as co-learners, actually. … Continue reading hello?

getting access – an EdCan Network talk

On Wednesday October 4th, I shared the story of the program I co-facilitate with @pamsheena, the kids that I support, and the context of challenge that wraps around the work. In the room were members of the EdCan Network, comprised of EDU upper leadership from across Canada – directors, superintendents, and corporate heads listened as I unfolded my lived experience from the classroom. Here’s the … Continue reading getting access – an EdCan Network talk