instant applause

Accept two things right now. One, there will be no end to your planning. And two, you will plan way more than you use, but you will need all of it. So much of what we do blends into the backdrop of our pedagogy. Marking, lesson planning, resource management, meetings, the list goes on and… Continue reading instant applause


pretty remarkable how uneven my body is I wouldn't have even considered the difference between left side and right side had I not started to take this class. laying on the floor, feeling different points on each side of my back my legs my shoulders the random make contact with the floor it's strange. this… Continue reading floor

the gift of failure

Falling down is a right, picking yourself up is a gift. There is a boatload of reasons why you could stay down when your day delivers a surprise left hook. Students can disrespect you, parents hound you, and lessons beguile you. Why rise? But consider this. Every teacher that seems to have their desk in… Continue reading the gift of failure