non prophet

what is the lesson here? its enough that these pencils are sharp, right? the crayons are equitably assembled. the seats, ample in accessible sample. snack basket full of nutfreebies, the wiped whiteboard holds no ghosts of calculations past, the clock ticks in circumnavigational confidence; hope those batteries are fresh. my desk, disappeared. because they needed … Continue reading non prophet


I was working in downtown Toronto, on two different occasions, when the power went out. The first instance occurred during the construction of Dundas Square sometime around 2002. A gas line was cut by heavy machinery and in the ensuing crisis response, all hydro was shutdown for several blocks around the spewing pipe. The restaurant … Continue reading crashkit

ted ed start

Just after our EdTech Summit in October, I thought to myself I really want to develop a project that helps students to find and share their voice.  I spend a lot of time asking questions about our education system and relaying the answers from those questions to interested parties. I use up a lot of energy … Continue reading ted ed start