wake up

So I wake up, suddenly, thinking that I gotta write something. This has happened to me before- sleep crashes headlong into an idea and I spring out of bed. Thoughts are bouncing around and it takes me a few minutes to focus on what idea snapped me out of slumber. I make coffee, let the … Continue reading wake up


I've been pretty fortunate in my career so far. When I transitioned from cooking to teaching I left a very familiar world behind. Arriving in a classroom and a new career meant my search for mentors would begin anew. That's a thing with me... I learn best from people. I learn best from people in … Continue reading #nablowrimo

food is ..?

I start this course in a similar fashion every semester. I poke and prod the students with survey questions designed to explore their rules and beliefs that surround food. A large portion of the first week is spent in discussions surrounding favourite flavours, and shapes, and the 'whys' behind systems of thought that support the fact … Continue reading food is ..?