smh [in drafts]

  v1 Got this idea in my head ... stayed more than a week Mentioned before about breaking up with the internet Has evolved into breaking from parts of the internet Aiming for peaceful co-existence with internet AND See the edges of harmonized me [actual + digital] Understand scope of data collected from me Reverse … Continue reading smh [in drafts]


geez ... this bytes ... that stuff I shared with you, with fine printed promise of safe care, what happened? time and time again I find bits of me everywhere. a favourite restaurant a song a selfie a video a mention a like, so-so small pieces of me scattered. all found, in places- now out … Continue reading itsUnotME


Internet ... I need some 'me' time. Some time to figure things out. You know, find myself. Truth is we are too connected. Codependent. Constantly. Co-infected. And its not really possible to avoid you, completely, though I have tried. discreetly. So, I'm stepping up my game. think of this as a digi-restraining order - please … Continue reading itsMEnotU