future proof [for quest 2016]

This has to stop. These moments of time travel - I get headaches. While standing in class, mid-lesson, mid thought- I blink it’s 1985, I blink again and it is 2016. Where am I? The lights, the corkboard, the rows of desks. A chalky sense of nostalgia chased by the grim reality of, well, nostalgia, … Continue reading future proof [for quest 2016]

the art in banking or [you’ll learn, someday]

When I was in university, I liked to take the train home to Oshawa. When I could, I would meet my dad at Union Station, at his office, and we would ride home together. Sometimes we would each read. Sometimes we would talk. Sometimes just sitting in our own solitudes, staring out the window at … Continue reading the art in banking or [you’ll learn, someday]