future proof [for quest 2016]

This has to stop. These moments of time travel - I get headaches. While standing in class, mid-lesson, mid thought- I blink it’s 1985, I blink again and it is 2016. Where am I? The lights, the corkboard, the rows of desks. A chalky sense of nostalgia chased by the grim reality of, well, nostalgia, … Continue reading future proof [for quest 2016]


I've been pretty fortunate in my career so far. When I transitioned from cooking to teaching I left a very familiar world behind. Arriving in a classroom and a new career meant my search for mentors would begin anew. That's a thing with me... I learn best from people. I learn best from people in … Continue reading #nablowrimo

turn off teacher

Although teaching is my current stop along my career path, it will not be my last. And as amazing as this job is, it triggers behaviours that I am not entirely comfortable with. In truth, it has exacerbated some of the same characteristics that I had left behind in the kitchens of past. 10 years … Continue reading turn off teacher