again, again?

I've been here before. So have you. Just last year I admitted that my compulsive complications are real. When I started writing words and saying words and sharing words in spaces away from us. You had to know. The questions, the observations, the getting so deep in my own head, the outside faded as my… Continue reading again, again?

instant applause

Accept two things right now. One, there will be no end to your planning. And two, you will plan way more than you use, but you will need all of it. So much of what we do blends into the backdrop of our pedagogy. Marking, lesson planning, resource management, meetings, the list goes on and… Continue reading instant applause


Turn off teacher Although teaching is my current stop along my career path, it will not be my last. And as amazing as this job is, it triggers behaviours that I am not entirely comfortable with. In truth, it has exacerbated some of the same characteristics that I had left behind in the kitchens of… Continue reading 14