My colleague and I wanted to wrap together a summary of our professional learning from this school year. We landed on a wordcloud concept. The keywords or buzzwords were written on decks of playing cards in sharpie. The decks were 1$ each from a local dollar store. Some thoughts .... There are a tonne of… Continue reading collisions


Nope I only, sometimes, maybe, mostly do not offer my opinion in meetings. In the past I have recklessly dove into professional convos offering my views, many times bashing down moments without warrant and care. Once in a while, a deeper state of collab was achieved by me throttling and shaking the tree other times… Continue reading 15


Turn off teacher Although teaching is my current stop along my career path, it will not be my last. And as amazing as this job is, it triggers behaviours that I am not entirely comfortable with. In truth, it has exacerbated some of the same characteristics that I had left behind in the kitchens of… Continue reading 14