meet pete part three

My father became a wonderful writer from one long and many other short steps. I have always been a writer and much of what I have created I have kept to myself. In the process of moving through my dad’s body of work, I have come to the realization that sharing my creations is necessary. … Continue reading meet pete part three

meet pete part two

My father wrote a lot. He wrote for business, self, and quite beautifully for others.I have all of his writing and slowly, very slowly, I am making my way through his universes. A repeating theme in my dad's writing is the power in the family and of the family. His musings tended to project out … Continue reading meet pete part two

meet pete part one

The Saturday morning after my father passed, Karen and I gathered our courage and our children into our family room and prepared ourselves to explain to Maddie and Jake what had happened with my dad. We thought it best to share the story with them as soon as possible. The kids were already playing and … Continue reading meet pete part one