an excerpt from pete’s eulogy

A few years ago my dad helped me with a piece for my sister. Shannon was slowly transitioning out of a business venture that she had built from the ground up. I had tried to imagine what the process of leaving would be like. He made suggestions, I ignored them. I tried other words, couldn't … Continue reading an excerpt from pete’s eulogy

meet pete part three

My father became a wonderful writer from one long and many other short steps. I have always been a writer and much of what I have created I have kept to myself. In the process of moving through my dad’s body of work, I have come to the realization that sharing my creations is necessary. … Continue reading meet pete part three

meet pete part two

My father wrote a lot. He wrote for business, self, and quite beautifully for others.I have all of his writing and slowly, very slowly, I am making my way through his universes. A repeating theme in my dad's writing is the power in the family and of the family. His musings tended to project out … Continue reading meet pete part two