I was working in downtown Toronto, on two different occasions, when the power went out. The first instance occurred during the construction of Dundas Square sometime around 2002. A gas line was cut by heavy machinery and in the ensuing crisis response, all hydro was shutdown for several blocks around the spewing pipe. The restaurant… Continue reading crashkit

getting access – an EdCan Network talk

On Wednesday October 4th, I shared the story of the program I co-facilitate with @pamsheena, the kids that I support, and the context of challenge that wraps around the work. In the room were members of the EdCan Network, comprised of EDU upper leadership from across Canada - directors, superintendents, and corporate heads listened as… Continue reading getting access – an EdCan Network talk


Hello teacher candidate. I have been thinking a lot about you this week. To be honest, I think about you often in the last month of school. There is something about the energy at the end of the year that makes me nostalgic. I think about do overs and do no mores and new beginnings.… Continue reading icu