I feel like a whole lot of random is shaking out of this 'end of year' moment. Things that I thought I would keep doing  I am suddenly less than happy to continue and other odd pieces are rising back up into my view. [check out my flipgrid questions] All in all, it seems like, in… Continue reading admission

next gen 2/3

There's a shifty futurist mindset rooting itself further and further into my POV on education. Often as I sit in staff meetings, class activities, and casual convos my brain time travels. This has happened previously, but now I am mostly casting forwards instead of back. Tumbling forwards might be a better way to put it.… Continue reading next gen 2/3


Future proof [for QUEST 2016] This has to stop. These moments of time travel - I get headaches. While standing in class, mid-lesson, mid thought- I blink it’s 1985, I blink again and it is 2016. Where am I? The lights, the corkboard, the rows of desks. A chalky sense of nostalgia chased by the… Continue reading 22